Friday, March 20, 2009

Itinerary, more exact (now with an understanding of hitchhiking!)

March 21st leave San Diego
March 21st-22nd Huntington Beach
March 23rd-28th Tulare
March 28th-29th Los Gatos
March 29th-31st San Francisco
March 31st- April 1st Dale and Colette (near SF)
April 2nd-4th Arcata
April 5th-7th Portland
April 7th arrive Seattle

April 28th leave Seattle
April 28th-29th Leavenworth
April 29th-30th Spokane
April 30th-May 2nd Missoula, MT
May 2nd-3rd Bozeman, MT
May 3rd-6th Yellowstone National Park
May 6th or 7th-7th or 8th Billings, MT
May 8th-9th Glendive, MT
May 9th-10th Bismarck, ND
May 10th-11th Fergus Falls, MN
May 11th-13th Willmar, MN
May 13th-14th Eau Claire, WI
May 14th arrive Bur Oak Farm

May 25th leave Wisconsin
May 25th-27th Chicago, IL
May 27th-28th Gary, Indiana
May 28th-29th Kalamazoo, MI
May 29th-June 1st Detroit, MI
June 1st-2nd Toronto, Canada
June 2nd-3rd Kingston, Canada
June 3rd-10th Ottawa
June 10th-13th Montreal, Quebec, Canada
June 13th-14th Montpelier, Vermont
June 14th-16th Portland, ME
June 16th-18th Boston, MA
June 18th-19th Providence, RI
June 19th-20th Hartford, CT
June 20th arrive NYC
June 30th leave NYC (JFK)
July 1st Arrive Dusseldorf
Tour Germany
July 7th Arrive Scandinavia
July 20th Leave Scandinavia
July 25th Arrive Amsterdam
July 30th Leave Amsterdam
August 1st Arrive France
August 7th Arrive England
August 9th Arrive Scotland
August 13th arrive Wales
August 18th Arrive Ireland
August 30th Leave Ireland
September 5th Arrive France
September 9th Arrive Austria
September 24th Leave Austria
September 26th Arrive Hungary
September 29th Leave hungary
October 4th Arrive Greece
October 17th Arrive Italy
November 3rd Arrive Spain
November 12th Arrive Portugal
November 20th Arrive Spain
November 25th Arrive Morrocco
November 30th Arrive other parts of Africa
February 27th Leave Egypt
March 10th Arrive Asia
June 14th Leave Asia
July 6th Leave Seattle
July 18th Arrive WI
October 10th Get Married

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Anonymous said...

"Ambition" is where your foto should be in the Wikipedia - what a fine itinerary. Love you both, Daddy