Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Adventure Begins!... Soon!

Our plans change everyday, but the current iteration looks like this:

We will begin by mapping out, writing and then creating a 30 minute show that includes all our special talents: individual juggling tricks, partner juggling, singing, storytelling, stilt-walking, partner acrobatics and contact improv, and violining (and maybe harmonicaing, monologuing, and yo-yoing)... and hat passing.

We will send advance invitations to friends and family in Wisconsin to market publicly for us announcing a kick-off performance of the entire 30 minute show at Bur Oak Farm in early October. There will be a donation tin if anyone feels generous, and perhaps a large meal with a suggested donation for that afterwards.

We will then take bits and pieces from the full 30 minute show and expand and condense them to make 5-10 minute shows appropriate for different kinds of venues.

We will perform these in Wisconsin cities as allowed, including farmers' markets, street corners, parks, businesses, and auctions.

Then we will travel to Louisiana and do the same thing.

Then the Southwest.

Then various parts of California.

Then the South.

Then the North.

Then Europe.

Then the world!