Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I'm doing, dramatically, Summer 2011

Let's see, when last we spoke, I was preparing for the 48 hour film festival.

That happened. Our film can be seen if you look around the website at

Since then, that group has made another film, the working title of which is Call and Response. We will be submitting it for consideration to Sundance.

I continue to produce the web series Bureau of Home Furnishings.

Several writers from WMM have approached me to ask about my being in their movies, but no dates have been set.

My acting class at Lifebook is going well. I'm preparing to audition for the showcase.

I've submitted myself to an agency where I have a reference, and gone to an open call for another.

I plan to take Groundlings classes as soon as I can.

This making movies thing is really pretty cool. Next step, get paid for it.