Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 in review

It's me, Brendan, and since I'm an actor and all, but don't yet have a publicist, it's up to me to make sure you know about everything I did in 2012.
Let's bookend it in one. I did this in Summer of 2011, and it was released today:
That's a production of We Make Movies. We're a free, fun resource for filmmakers. Every Wednesday, about a hundred of us get together to read each others' scripts, improvise, or interview other industry folks. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! We also make movies - like Forget You, Way Down in Chinatown, Dead North, Descending Harmony and Hunt the Maguffin - We make more than that, but those are the ones I've been in since starting with We Make Movies in 2011. You can find the full movie for Dead North on my imdb page:
If you're confused about both of those videos, it's because I didn't have a beard a year ago.
It's true.
But never fear! Newer works feature my beard - like the Top Decking series! In early 2012, I was in a commercial with a woman who was in a web series that needed me. Its name... Oops, I already spilled the beans on that. Watch it here:
Here's my biggest brag of the post: I can now sign autographs un-ironically.
It's also brought me exposure in ways I wasn't dreaming of when I started this path, like interviews and Q-and-As. Stina thinks I'm especially lovable and clever in the longer version of this (link in the comments on the link; this is a link to reddit):

There have been a bunch of other projects this year, too - some of them are videos available online, others have titles on imdb, but are lingering in post, others I just don't know about. GO! Explore the internet. Search my name. Maybe you'll find things I haven't yet. If you want to know about them when I do, let me know, and I'll put you on a list somewhere.

But come on, Brendan - independent films and web series are a lot of work for very little pay, where's the life of luxury you so richly deserve?
Ah, yes, acting is known far and wide for it's reliability. "C'mon, kid - music is nice, but you gotta have a fall-back plan. How about acting?"
Two! (count 'em) Two national commercials in the past 9 months! It's not 20, but it's enough. And the callbacks and on avails keep rolling in, so it's just a matter of time. Here's my second biggest brag: The first commercial audition I went out on - The FIRST! - booked me on my biggest job of the year. Statistically, that no longer means anything. I'm booking around 8% of my auditions now... but for a day, I was booking 100%
The biggest news of the year, fingers crossed, is what's yet to come. In late 2011, I brought half a dozen people together to talk about creating films collaboratively. In early 2012, I began welcoming people to join me for writing and improv days twice a week. Eventually, that coalesced and then metamorphosed into a stable group of 10 individuals known collectively as the Collaborative Group Ensemble Troupe Collective (CGETC - or "See-get-see"). We work together each week developing our process, our company, and a script. By the end of 2013, we will not only have a unique script in hand - but if everything goes as planned, a finished product ready to share with the world. A little more information about us is holding our place on the site:
I'll probably be asking some of you for money to help fund it in a few months... so start squirreling it away. I know that's what you want to do with your money.
That is so not my entire year, and this has been a huge nutshell. But I'm done. If after all that, you're still hungry for more, drop me a line, and I'll scrounge together some more things to say and some more videos to send you.