Friday, November 25, 2016

2015 and 2016

For two years, you need a highlights reel (Mostly Brendan's career news):

2015 - 2016
Jes and Lora (I play Jes): 21 Festivals, including several international, several awards, including Best Short Film, and a UK distribution deal!
Speedwriting (I support with a comically hapless waiter): Many festivals!
Catherine (I play Henry Tilney): well-received play at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Stina wrote it!
Gift of the Magi (I play Narrator and Jim and all the minor roles.): Such fun to play every year at our favorite tea shop, Red Dragon Cafe. Boy, we really love that place.
Lazy Lyin' (Charlsey Miller and I!): hosted several open mics and are co-producing a couple projects, including Antidote, in which I'll get to dance, and (fingers crossed) Ghost Best Friend, in which I'll get to pretend to believe in ghosts (again).
Ghost Coppers: Oh geez, you probably haven't even heard of Ghost Coppers yet. Here:
Beardy and the Beast: We won an episode of The Wrangle at The Clubhouse! (Improv, fyi)
Sunday Team: I'm on the Sunday Team at ComedySportz!
Florasoul: We're in post-production and getting very close to being ready to share this short film I co-wrote and star in with Kirsten Day with the world!
Up Down Stick Stuck (I play Brad, but that doesn't mean anything to you unless you've seen the play, and if you've seen the play, you've seen me play Brad.): We won an Encore award and were nominated for the Best Ensemble Theatre award.
Added a manager to my team, Almost Famous Talent Management. These are very kind people. I'm so glad to have them. And I continue to be repped by Pacific Talent!
Celebrity Name Game: Spoiler Alert Stina and I did not win. But we are delightful. So many of our friends have also been on that show. We're running in a very special crowd of people who are perfect contestants.
BookPALS! I've been a bookPAL for a while now! I get to read to kids in school!
Gentle Werewolf: submitted to a contest. I've never done that with this script before. Let's see if it's all that AND a bag of chips?
Comic Book Heroines and Cyberpunks: some projects for 2017 already! And I think, I hope, we'll be turning more of Stina's scripts into movies. Especially Camp and In for a Penny.

Why did you buy a new houseboat? For the Halibut. Really? No, my landlord changed the lox. Why? Because the neighbors complained about all the parties I was throwing on my perch!...