Sunday, November 9, 2014

Career-sy bragging

After booking several SAG-AFTRA gigs in a row,
Brendan joined and is now a proud union member!
He stars in Top Decking, a web series that's a hit
with players of Magic: the Gathering. He's had
guest appearances on a dozen other web series,
including some memorable naked ukelele playing
in Twentysomething and a heartwrenching turn in
Jane. He appears regularly in sketches for We Make
Movies and Daily Fiber Films, including festival
picks Sandals (LA Comedy Shorts) and What's
Inside (WMM Fest).
Within a month of joining SAGAFTRA,  Brendan
played roles that couldn't have been more different
in two short films: Speedwriting, in which he
played a goofy, hapless waiter, and Euphoria, in
which he played a classic romantic leading man.
His next big role is as Jes. Living with a damaged
brain, Jes' trying to stay alive on a chaotic journey.
Brendan returned to the stage for Four Tree Plays, 
a Hollywood Fringe Festival Nominee for Best 
World Premiere. Riding that success, he's in Gift of 
the Magi for the 2014 holiday season.