Saturday, May 5, 2012

What I'm Doing, Dramatically - Spring 2012, or Who has two thumbs and booked a national commercial? This guy!

So, yeah. I haven't arrived, exactly, but I feel pretty on track. Considering how successful I feel, I think I can look back at the past year and a half and talk about what's worked for me, and what I think truly works best.

Friends. It's what people call networking out here, and I think that's a terrible name for it, because you can't do it if that's what you're calling it. Nobody cares, nor should they, about supporting and helping their acquaintances who they met while "networking". Hyperbole, but sufficiently true. But friends? Friends help each other. Friends share in each others' success. Friends offer each other things that aren't necessarily career advancement.

What am I saying?

I'm saying, be yourself. Hopefully, yourself is friendly. If you're mean and not a fan of other human beings, this probably isn't the career for you.

Why is making friends important? Well, for me, I can point to a week a couple months ago when I was looking back and thinking "Terrible. I have done nothing for my career this week. I haven't been to any auditions. I haven't shot anything or written anything or anything anything."

That was the week I met C. G. F.

And CGF is the fellow who recommended me to his agent.

And that agent got me the booking on the national commercial.

So, really, that was a very productive week.


Heather said...

Thank you for posting is exactly what I needed! I also had a week where I've been kicking myself because I feel like I haven't "progressed", but knowing that it is a normal feeling and that sometimes it is quietest before the big storm was a great reminder. Congratulations!

Nikki Prz said...

The agent got you the audition for the commercial, YOU got the booking!! :)