Friday, March 9, 2012

What I'm doing, dramatically, Late Winter 2012

Forget You screened very successfully at the Downtown Independent! Now it's being submitted to festivals.

Am continuing work on Zombie Jesus with Stina as my Co-Writer.

Will shoot an episode of a web series next week written by Melissa Ciesla of We Make Movies.

Taking classes at Lifebook, writing and rehearsing many scenes. Just met Andy Dick. He said I was funny.

Turned down an agency.

Booked a role in the feature: Hunt the Maguffin

Heard Descending Harmony is getting a new cut.

Still going to every We Make Movies Event.

Reinvigorating CGETC(.org) with Writing meetings and Improv days.

Now living with Cassi Jerkins, a friend from my Groundlings class last year. Maybe will get involved with making movies together. Also talking with Randy about restarting TWW.

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